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Works by Cris af Enehielm at Kanneltalo Gallery

19.4.2018 13:20

HAM esitteli Cris af Enehielmin teoksia 19.5.-24.9.2017.
HAM esitteli Cris af Enehielmin teoksia 19.5.-24.9.2017.

Cris af Enehielm (b. 1954) is known as a provocative visual artist. The exhibition at Kanneltalo Gallery displays a collection of af Enehielm’s paintings and performance art, with a strong female perspective. The works of the 1980s have been influenced by cartoons and the advertising world. The artworks are from the collections of the HAM Helsinki Art Museum and the artist’s personal collection. The exhibition runs from 20 April until 2nd June 2018.

Af Enehielm’s breakthrough as a visual artist took place in the early 1980s when she created a body of work featuring grotesque and emphatically bodily female figures. She drew inspiration from her own personal life as well as from comics, pop art and representations of women in advertising. At the turn of the 1990s, the female figures in her work were replaced by eternal goddesses as a tribute to motherhood or Mother Nature. The works also began to contain indications of af Enehielm’s interest in Jungian psychology and Oriental philosophy.

Cris af Enehielm has been a key figure in Finnish performance art since the 1980s. Enehielm was a member of the legendary performance groups Fågel Fenix, Les Mutiles, Homo $, and Jack Helen Brut, and most recently was with the sound and motion performance group Särjen ääni.

The common features shared by these groups are an anarchistic attitude and investigation of the notion of gender. Af Enehielm has also had an alter ego since 1983, Blinda Morton, who writes songs, sings and performs. She is also an actor, director, screenwriter, dancer, and costume and set designer.

Open Mon-Thu 9–20, Fri 9–18 and Sat 10–16, free entrance.

Kanneltalo is only a 13 minute train ride from Helsinki Railway Station and a stone’s throw from Kannelmäki train station.