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Guerrilla Girls at HAM 1.9.2018

14.8.2018 9:05

Photo © Andrew Hindraker

The Graffiti exhibition at HAM culminates in a visit by Frida Kahlo, founding member of the Guerrilla Girls, who has been active in the group since its inception. Frida Kahlo has given gigs around the world. At HAM she will give an experiential account of the activities of the Guerrilla Girls in the past 28 years. After the gig the audience will have an opportunity to ask questions.

Guerrilla Girls is a group of professional feminist activists that was founded in New York in 1985. More than 55 people have been members of the group in the course of its existence. They act anonymously, using gorilla masks and pseudonyms based on famous, dead female artists. The idea is to keep the focus on the issues and away from who the people might be. Guerrilla Girls draws attention to the inequality of the art world, opposing all discrimination. They have staged dozens of street happenings all over the world, they have organised discussions and distributed posters and stickers with information covering such facts as the statistical representation of women in the art world. The group’s motto is: “We are the conscience of the art world.” Guerrilla Girls first visited Helsinki Art Museum in 1993, and their last visit to Finland was in 2011.

Guerrilla Girls at HAM on Saturday, 1 September 2018, from 19.00–21.00, after the museum has closed for the day.

Tickets €20, includes admission to exhibitions at HAM during the same weekend.