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Helsinki-sized art exhibition open 24/7

20.3.2020 14:06

Jacob Dahlgren: Early One Morning, Eternity Sculpture, 2019 / Photo: HAM / Maija Toivanen

2,700 works of art around Helsinki, 500 sculptures accessible day and night. The Helsinki Art Museum, or HAM, looks after an art collection that belongs to the people of Helsinki, which includes over 9,000 individual works of art. In spite of the closure of the museum premises at Tennis Palace, much of the collection is still freely available for residents to enjoy in parks and along streets, close to home and a bike ride away. The fascinating selection of public art can also be accessed from home on the HAM website and by following HAM’s social media channels.

The sculpture bank

For residents’ self-guided art exhibition tours, HAM has compiled a sculpture bank open to all, with information on a total of 450 sculptures located in Helsinki. In addition to basic information (the title of the work, the name of the artist, year of reveal, location), the sculpture bank includes background information on the works as well their location on the map. The maps are produced in cooperation with the Service Map for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. The location data is also available as open data. ​

Self-guided sculpture trails

Pre-designed, self-guided sculpture trails around various themes have been created to delight residents. The Questions of Life trail will lead the traveller to think about and perhaps even find answers to questions about what art is and how it affects me. The Inhale exhale HAM trail is a good running trail, while the Life path of Tove or Pekka Kauhanen’s sculpture trail takes the walker to works of the artists themselves, ones that represent them or ones that were important to them. The Rainbow@Helsinki trail sheds light on the history of gender and sexual minorities.

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Villu Jaanisoo: Siberian jay , 2016 / Photo: HAM / Hanna Kukorelli