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Graffiti – themed guided tours

Tennispalatsi • Intended for kaikille
Admission included in the museum admission • No signup required

  • 11.4. 17.00
  • 18.4. 17.00
  • 9.5. 17.00
  • 13.6. 17.00
  • 8.8. 17.00

In the themed tours the curator of the Graffiti exhibition and experts will talk about the exhibition from their chosen perspective. The expert guides will focus on one theme, such as the political history of graffiti, the visual nature of graffiti and the fact that graffiti and hip-hop culture have now become mainstream.

Wednesday 11.4. at 17:00
Curator Satu Oksanen
Tour of Graffiti exhibition with curator

Wednesday 18.4. at 17:00
Paavo Arhinmäki, MP
Political history of graffiti in Helsinki

Wednesday 9.5. at 17:00
Anssi Arte, designer
Graffiti and (visual) identity

Wednesday 13.6. at 17:00
Inka Rantakallio, rap scholar
From the streets to galleries: graffiti and hip-hop culture become mainstream

Wednesday 8.8. at 17:00
Tuomas Jääskeläinen, graphic designer
10 pieces that changed the city

The themed guided tours are in Finnish The tours start at 17:00 and last about 30 minutes. Included in the museum admission fee.

Feel free to join us!