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Viggo Wallensköld’s art workshop

Taidepaja, Workshop • Tennispalatsi • Intended for adults
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  • 13.10. 17.00-19.00
  • 3.11. 17.00-19.00

Come and join us in Viggo Wallensköld’s art workshop! In the painting workshop, we will learn about painting with acrylics, using different tools and do our own painting exercises on canvas. The art workshop does not include a guided exhibition tour, but you can explore HAM’s exhibitions before the workshop begins.

Thursday evenings, 13 Oct and 3 Nov at 17:00–19:00 in HAM Workshop.

Art workshop for individuals over the age of 16.

Price: 35,00 €


Viggo Wallensköld: Winter, 2008 / Photo: HAM/Hanna Kukorelli