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Helsinki Day

Helsinki Day • Tennispalatsi • Intended for for everyone
Free admission • No signup required

  • 12.6. 11.00-19.00

Helsinki Day

Free admission

11:00–19:00 A soundscape created by Töölölab comments on Paweł Althamer’s sculptures in the upstairs galleries of HAM.

12:00–16:00 Reality travels
Which reality do you come from? What do you want to discover?
Climb aboard the Golden Bus to travel to any reality of your choosing. Utopia Consultants from the Reality Research Center will be your guides on the trip. A reality trip takes 10–15 minutes and accommodates one person at a time. You will find the Golden Bus in front of the museum, next to the entrance facing Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu.

13:00–16:00 Comics workshop

14:00 and 15:00 World-famous dancer and butoh artist Ken Mai’s soundless dance piece comments on the reality of Paweł Althamer’s The New Work.

16:00 Töölölab music performance in HAM Auditorium

16:00–18:00 Tour on the Golden Bus with artist.

17:00 Interview with Hanna-Reetta Schreck and Camilla Granbacka, facilitated by cultural journalist Minna Joenniemi. Schreck is the curator of the Ellen Thesleff exhibition at HAM and has written a book, I Paint Like a God, about the artist. Granbacka is the curator of the Sigrid Schauman exhibition at Villa Gyllenberg and has also written a book, Art and Emotion: The Life of Sigrid Schauman, about the artist. Both writers will sign books after the interview, which will be held in Finnish.

Ellen Thesleff: Thyra Elisabeth, 1892 / Kuva: Hanna Kukorelli