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Style Wars documentary film

Film screening • Finnkino Tennispalatsi, sali 2
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  • 6.6. 16.30

In this classic 1983 documentary film produced by Tony Silver and Henry Chalfant, young New Yorkers take control of the urban space by literally writing their names all over the subway by breaking into railway yards, areas of wasteland and metro tunnels. Style Wars portrays, through the words of the artists, the varieties of urban culture that were still young in those days. The decaying metropolis also inspired MCs, DJs and break dancers to express themselves and create a new urban culture.

While the young graffiti artists in the film felt they were creating great works of art, the authorities felt that the young people’s activities were “destroying our way of life”. The despairing words of the mother of one of the young artists, “What you got is a whole miserable subculture”, describe the extent of the gulf between the generations. However, not even double barbed wire fences or bloodhounds were able to stop the graffiti artists who wanted to get to the white train carriages.

The film won the prize for the best documentary at the Sundance Film Festival in 1983. The documentary, which has also inspired graffiti artists in Helsinki, will be screened alongside the Graffiti exhibition in cooperation with HAM.

Language: English

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Tickets from Finnkino: EUR 8.75 / 12.50

NB! The cinema ticket for the Style Wars film also entitles you to entry to HAM’s exhibitions between 6 and 10 June 2018.