Photo: Antti Turkko

An eternal amorphous space where you must think about drawing and painting in the broadest sense, and where you can sit down.

A horrifying, hopeful and unknown landscape opened in front of me from the window. The lobby’s promise of a future, the idea of a chair.

The kind of uncertainty I felt could not be found in the structures where I lived. A feeling may remain unchanged for weeks in a refrigerator.

Chair and Trap is an installation consisting of paintings and sculptural objects.

Antti Turkko (b. 1980) is an artist based in Turku. He uses a range of techniques in his work with images, space, text and sound, often in a site-specific manner and relying on impulses from the location. He has studied visual arts and architecture at Aalto University.

The exhibition is generously supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland.