Photo: Elis Hannikainen

The Backyard on the Seventh Floor is a space in-between, a mental balcony, not inside, not outside but an inner outside. If it is a dream space it is dreaming as a way of seeing, as a place to be, rather than a dream to interpret.

Some of the works belong to a series called ‘Pain Things’. They spring from a pain relief method based on visualising physical and mental sensations through form, color and texture. The visualized forms can be extracted from the body and become softened freestanding distortions, unruly misinterpretations of the inner landscapes. At the same time they form a subjective alphabet of emotions, the feeling gets a form to be at home in.

The works are in different shades of blue. Blue is darkness weakened by light.*

For me these works are a kind of shadow substance, frozen moments of something very fluid. They come from places where words don’t behave, where hands are held by an embodied searching-doingthinking, where grasping always happens with both hands and mind.

Corinna Helenelund (b.1985, Helsingfors) graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts 2013 and has since been working with sculpture and installations in textile materials. This exhibition brings together works from 2017 – 2020. Parts have been seen earlier at Krets 1 in Pesula, Nikkilä (2019), at HIAPs Open Studios on Suomenlinna (2018), at the exhibition Self Bites Self at Kunstverein Göttingen, Germany (2018), and at the exhibition A Waiting Room at The Community, Paris, (2017). The works have been made with the kind support of The Swedish Cultural Foundation In Finland, Arts Promotion Center Finland and HIAP.


*From Goethes Theory on Colors