Video work Material Conditions of Inner Spaces follows the journey of three men on foot in a city as they come across situations in which social norms or the abuse of power has put people in a tight spot. The men try to correct the situations but they fail because social predictability and mutual trust have both collapsed.

The absurd humour of the events stems in part from a discrepancy between the images and the sung dialogue.

The Finnish title of the piece attests to Nissinen’s interest in language, but it confuses rather than explains. Consisting of two palindromes, it echoes existential philosophical questions. The same layered complexity appears in the scenes as well. Behind Nissinen’s trademark, English spoken with a heavy Finnish accent, we discern a profoundly socially conscious work. As in his other works, Nissinen himself plays one of the main roles in the video.

Material Conditions of Inner Spaces was added to the HAM collection in 2013.