Gustafsson&Haapoja: Museum of Nonhumanity, 2016 (exhibition view) / Photo: Terike Haapoja

Gustafsson&Haapoja is a joint project by the visual artist Terike Haapoja and the writer and playwright Laura Gustafsson. The artist duo’s collaboration begun in 2012 examines history and society from a non-anthropocentric viewpoint. In their working process Gustafsson&Haapoja have, for instance, deconstructed the concepts of human and animal, and their links to racialization, sexism and other mechanisms of social exclusion.

Museum of Becoming is a set of three works that show new ways of thinking about the human being. The works consider the relationship between human beings and their own community, their environment and other species.

The Museum of Nonhumanity (2016) installation is an imaginary museum of the history of the distinction between human and animal. Remnants (2020) shows the human figure as fragile and indefinable in a landscape dominated by powers greater than those of humankind. The artworks and objects in Remnants have been selected for this exhibition from the HAM and Helsinki City Museum collections. The interviews in the videowork Becoming (2020) show the multiplicity of being in “buds” that are still growing, and which must be cherished and nurtured.

The exhibition is part of the programme of contemporary art event Helsinki Biennial, which will be held in the unique surroundings of Vallisaari Island 12.6.–26.9.2021.

Helsinki Biennial