Detail of artwork Postponer, watercolour on canvas, 2020. Photo: Lotta Pasila

If I have nothing to bounce from, my existence begins its disappearance.

When two things fit together but don’t really belong together.
False epiphany.

Back of the cave, safe haven, dead end.
Retreating to the familiar.

The works in the exhibition are frozen in positions where change has ceased to flow, and as such they cause indeterminacies that take place elsewhere.

 Hemmo Siponen (b. 1991, Helsinki) is a visual artist who graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2019. With watercolour, installation, sound and video as his mediums, he creates works that oscillate between the outer edges of the self-evident and the indeterminate.

Indeterminacy for Siponen signifies everything that is arduously attainable, intellectually scattered and experientially alien. It always has two aspects: one that is invisible and inaccessible, another that is open and enabling.

Siponen takes an experimental approach to artistic work. Experimentation is for him a way of respecting the unique origin of the artwork. Watercolour is a continuum that permeates his work.

The exhibition is supported by Uudenmaan Kulttuurirahasto, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Paulon Säätiö.