Jaakko Niemelä: Nostalghia, 2019 /photo: Jaakko Niemelä

Artist Jaakko Niemelä (b. 1959) has prepared a research project on memories of sea captain Erkki Niemelä. The artist has travelled in his father’s footsteps on ocean-going ships and explored the places he visited, documenting his journeys by drawing, writing, taking photographs and video. Niemelä will use the materials he has been collecting since 2012 to create a new installation in one of the arched upstairs galleries.

The exhibition will make use of the tall structures that dramatically dominate the space. The installation will include two large projected animations featuring a ship on stormy seas and the collapse of the ship’s structure. The soundscape will consist of a grand choral piece by Baroque composer Alessandro Scarlatti and ambient music composed by Jaakko Niemelä’s nephew Antti Niemelä.

The exhibition is curated by Heli Harni from HAM.

Jaakko Niemelä – Nostalgia (Exhibition view) Photo: Hanna Kukorelli
Jaakko Niemelä / Photo: Jaakko Niemelä