ROAR27, an installation by Finnish street artist Jussi TwoSeven, is on display at the HAM Metro exhibition space. It consists of a painting resembling the head of a bear and a site-specific logo installation. Surrounded by the urban buzz of the metro station, the work is a powerful comment in defence of nature.

ROAR27 was painted on site using stencils. Signs of the technique such as drips or streaks of paint are deliberately left on view as indications of the spontaneity of the process. Yet the work is the result of extensive preparation that included taking photographs and producing stencils at the artist’s studio.

Jussi TwoSeven (born 1983) honed his skills as an artist in streets and the public space. After an initial period as a young graffiti artist, he developed street art into distinctive style of his own. Jussi TwoSeven’s Bubo Bubo in Pasila, Helsinki, was a commission from HAM in 2015. In addition to public works, TwoSeven has also presented his art in galleries. His technique is always the same regardless of whether the work is created outdoors or inside.

ROAR27 is part of the HAM Metro series showcasing Finnish and international street artists. The series is produced in co-operation with the Make Your Mark Gallery.

HAM is preparing to mount an exhibition of graffiti and street art to be shown in Tennis Palace in 2018.