HAM Gallery presents Kimmo Modig’s first solo exhibition in Finland. The exhibition is most likely a collection of texts on the meaning of art within the tensions of the economy, private life and politics.

The exhibition title, What Made Me Liquid, is a question that Modig wants to pose to the people, institutions and materials that have most influenced his life.

The best thing an artist can do is to lower standards and demand less from themselves and others.
– Kimmo Modig –

Kimmo Modig: Siksikö olen paperia, 2017 © HAM / Hanna Kukorelli
Kimmo Modig: What Made Me Liquid, 2017 © HAM / Hanna Kukorelli

The exhibition extends outside the HAM Gallery through a gif animation called Fiilik7et (2017). The work can be viewed on the info screens at HAM.