Photo: Laura Wesamaa

i am a constellation and certain stars in the sky.
it is said that
my hooves hitting the ground give birth to springs
that i sprang out of medusa’s neck
that i carry lightning bolts for zeus
that goddess aurora rides me from time to time
that i helped perseus and once bolted and threw bellerophon off my back

however; nibbling at tree leaves i spend an afternoon with humans

some believe that i have wings.
in addition to being substantial, like everything in this world, i am immaterial.
again and again i am born as a self-sufficient subject into a word of objects and act as a concept thus being an object myself a stellar system animate horse creature tale painting mammal myth substance substrate atom liquid dna image particle companion

The protagonist of the exhibition is not only a mythical and conceptual entity, but also an actual named individual who resides near Rome, loves peaches and dry bread, scratches by the withers and friends to play with, gentle sounds and simultaneity. whereas the hooves of epic pegaso cause springs to be created as they hit the ground, the actual Pegaso is afraid of jets of water, insecticide sprays, wild boar and sudden movements. he does not really need human technology in his life but usually agrees to be a part and subject of it. enjoying occasional brushings and running about, Pegaso takes a nap at two and goes for a drink at six. chewing on hay, herbs and flowers, he breathes and sweats as inseparable from the environment to which humanity and its items also belong.

Human activity is characterised by technology and implements, which are also applied in relations with companion species. The shared history of humanity and pegaso is so long that equus caballus caballus is separated from many other equus by that very connection. Humanity’s quiddity is also defined by characteristics that have arisen and developed from this association. au hasard Pegaso is a painting installation. The exhibition and the entity of works are named after Robert Bresson’s film Au hasard Balthazar (1966), starring an equus asinus in the lead role.

Laura Wesamaa (b. 1979) is an artist who graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts’ painting department in 2008 and lives and works in Helsinki.

The artist and the realisation of the exhibition have been supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Väinö Tanner Foundation.