Al Intithar 2013 / Film Still / Courtesy the Artist & Sharjah Art Foundation

HAM will show BAYT (HOME), the film trilogy of Mario Rizzi, as part of the Helsinki Biennial. The trilogy is shown repeatedly in the HAM Hall when the museum is open. Al Inithar, a film included in the trilogy, as well as Rizzi’s photos can also be seen in Vallisaari’s Luotsitalo.

In the first film of the trilogy BAYT, Al Intithar (The Waiting, 2013), home is reduced to a tent in a refugee camp in the middle of a Jordanian desert. The film follows seven weeks in the life of its main protagonist, Ekhlas, a relentless woman who has fled the Syrian war together with her three children. The tragic ramifications of the war are felt keenly in the daily lives of the refugee family.

In the second film, Kauther (2014), we meet the Tunisian activist Kauther Ayari, the first activist to give a passionate and inspired voice to Tunis rioters during the 2011 Tunisian Revolution. She shares her thoughts on life, the build-up of 2011 and the conditions of being a woman in Arabic society.

The third film of the trilogy, The Little Lantern (2019), was shot in Beirut and tells the story of an 84-year-old Danish woman, Anni Høver Kanafani, who travelled to Beirut in the 1960s to meet the acclaimed Palestinian writer, poet and activist Ghassan Kanafani. She married him and has been living in Lebanon throughout all her life, choosing the Beirut refugee camps as her “home”. After her husband’s death, Anni Kanafani continued to work in Palestinian camps – now also crowded by Syrians – creating kindergartens for refugee children.

Mario Rizzi’s (b. 1962, Italy) films look at topical social issues such as migration and questions revolving around borders, identity, and the sense of belonging. He analyses these broad themes through micronarratives about people’s daily lives, experiences and memories.

BAYT (HOME), 2013–2019

Al Intithar, 2013
HDCAM film, 30:00 min
Courtesy the Artist & Sharjah Art Foundation

Kauther, 2014
DCP film, 29:00 min
Courtesy the Artist

The Little Lantern, 2019
2K film, 61:00 min
Courtesy the Artist & Italian Council 2018