The object is made of fairly thick clear glass, it would appear to be a container. Yet somehow it feels that it the object not originally intended as a container but has become one in some other way. As if a person tried to make something, but gave up the original plan and let the glass cool down, creating a failed attempt that later was found useful as a container. The object is oval in shape, it is not symmetrical. It is not deep and has not been decorated. Someone might think that it is a collapsed container or a melted glass lens. It cannot hold very much liquid. A fairly large animal could use it to drink from, a big tongue could lick it easily, it has no sharp corners. A person might hold it in his or her lap.

Objects Described is an ongoing project begun in 2015. All works in the series were made following written instructions to artisans for an object Kuorinki needed. In the exhibition, the objects are installed on industrial as well as hand-made bases.