During the year’s final quarter at HAM Corner there will be a performance, constructed around the baking of traditional Finnish rye bread. Work 5.0 – BREAD is a bakery, forum, workshop and live installation. You can participate in the performance as a spectator, debater or baker.

The bakers may take their bread home with them.

The performance by the Reality Research Centre flows forth from the needs of modern-day workers performing abstract work to produce something tangible and to connect with past generations. In contrast to the efficiency requirements of modern working life, the bakery offers the participants a chance to wind down during the final months of the year – just like workers of the past used to do after the harvest – and make things to pass the time. The piece is about performing disappearing physical work together with spectators.

Each loaf of bread is a manifesto for more meaningful work.

Bakery is open 13.10.-23.12. as follows:
Wed 11-19
Thurs 10-13 (fully booked)
Fri 15-19
Sat 12-16