After a stellar 26-year musical trajectory, Ville Valo and his fellow band members of HIM are now getting ready to set out on their last journey together. They have allowed celebrated photographer Ville Juurikkala to come up close and personal, to vividly document the tour preparations for this unique collection of photographs. These exclusive pictures of HIM are a fitting tribute to what has been one of Finland’s greatest bands.

“Ville Juurikkala is the best photographic hospice nurse for us: he’s good, gentle and crude”, Ville Valo describes.

Ville Valo © Ville Juurikkala

The exhibition is a compilation of unforeseen photos. Juurikkala started documenting HIM over a decade ago but the exhibition is not built  up on the old stuff.

”I have worked with many international artists, including the likes of Slash of Guns N’ Roses and Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, but even those with much bigger sales are in my opinion not quite as charismatic as HIM. It is because of this unique charisma I feel the best of my old photos are those featuring Ville Valo and HIM”, Juurikkala sums up.

The exhibition is presented by Tuska Festival, Tiketti Galleria, Canon and HAM. Creative direction by Ville Juurikkala and Ville Valo. Design and curation by Caroline Taucher.

HAM corner 15.6.–3.7.2017
Mon–Sun 11–19
Closed on Midsummer Eve 23 June and Midsummer Day 24 June.