Riikka Keränen: Harhailija 1 / Photo: Riikka Keränen

There is so much of everything, fixtures, foodstuffs and packaging around them, novelties.

At the completion of their life cycle, products end up in all sorts of places. Substances begin to decompose into ever smaller particles to return to the cycle, whether they belong there or not, giving rise to surprises, unexpected bowel obstructions, new stones, unwillingness.

Plastic, its decay and impacts on the environment and living beings are a hot topic these days. I, too, think about them a lot, among other things.

The works in the exhibition are hand-moulded comments and fantasies about matter that envelopes us in so many ways.  My works are the result of a playful process in which materials talk with each other and with me.

The exhibition is a sculpture installation that spreads itself onto the surfaces of the gallery. The materials used in the sculptures are from the environments of my own life, the yard, the studio, my home, rubbish bins, walks in the forest and journeys.

Riikka Keränen is a visual artist and a multitasker. She lives and works in Ristijärvi, Kainuu.