The Taidesalonki 100 years exhibition celebrates the centenary of Taidesalonki, the oldest still operating art gallery in Finland, which was originally established by Leonard Bäcksbacka. The exhibition collects one hundred works that have passed through the halls of Taidesalonki, representing some of the most unique visual works of their time.

From the very beginning, Taidesalonki’s central focus has been paintings based on the power of colours. For one hundred years, gallerists Leonard, Ingjald ja Christina Bäcksbacka have been displaying contemporary art and supporting artists in numerous ways. HAM’s centenary exhibition sheds light on the gallery itself, the gallerists preferences and their importance as supporters of Finnish art.

The majority of the one hundred works on display in the exhibition belong to HAM’s collection, in addition to which other museums have lent works from their collections that have at some point passed through Taidesalonki. The exhibition is curated by Christina Bäcksbacka and HAM’s curator Sanna Tuulikangas.