Ulla Liuhala: 16.8.03, 2003 / Photo: Maija Toivanen

As the number of aged people grows in the industrialised West, retirement is increasingly presented as a golden age, a culmination of lifestyle full of youthful vigour, hobbies and action. But those opportunities are not available to everybody. Those who are ailing and afflicted by illness easily miss out on mainstream experiences, leading to exclusion.

The Old Age exhibition at HAM shines a light on that aspect of ageing which is so often ignored: the part that hurts, often quite literally, the part that you can feel in your joints and bones, even in your soul. That time of life when the mirror shows you the deepening furrows and you become aware of the finiteness of life.

The Old Age exhibition examines ageing candidly but with respect. While some of the works address old age directly, others acquire a new momentary meaning in light of the show’s theme.

The exhibition features drawings, prints, an installation and videos, altogether 37 works by 10 artists. The featured artists are: Pasi Autio, Alice Kaira, Santtu Koivu, Maarit Kotiranta, Markus Lampinen, Ulla Liuhala, Sirkka Penttilä, Eeva Tiisala, Rafael Wardi and Charlotta Östlund.

The exhibition is curated by Jari Björklöv from HAM. All works are from the HAM collection.