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Current exhibitions

Adrien Holy: Ravintolassa, 1939 © Kuva: HAM / Yehia Eweis

Air de Paris

Until 12.8.2018

Air de Paris exhibition is a walking tour through 1930s Paris, following in the footsteps of Leonard Bäcksbacka.

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Jussi Kivi: Rummun vankila, Eesti, puolivedenalainen maisema, 2015 © Jussi Kivi


Until 29.7.2018
HAM mix

Jussi Kivi’s works are the result of urban exploration in underground tunnels, urban wastelands and industrial zones, the places most people do not even notice.

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Tove Jansson © Per Olov Jansson

Tove Jansson


The works of Tove Jansson (1914–2001) are amongs the most cherished pieces in the HAM collection. HAM has dedicated some of its galleries to an exhibition of the artist's life and works.

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Roska on luksusta: Juhannus © Timo P. Vartiainen

Trash Is Luxury

Until 25.3.2018
HAM corner

Timo P. Vartiainen’s Trash Is Luxury is a series of archaeological expeditions into the world of trash found in residential dumpsters in and around Helsinki.

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