HAM info

HAM, officially the Helsinki Art Museum, looks after an art collection that belongs to the people of Helsinki, which includes over 9,000 individual works of art. HAM maintains and accrues this art collection, which also includes the city’s public artworks. In its domestic and international exhibitions held at Tennis Palace, HAM showcases modern and contemporary art.

Mission: Making Helsinki more fun through art.


HAM is a city-wide art museum.

Citizens of Helsinki enjoy and think highly of their art collection. Through public art, HAM offers surprises in the cityscape. The HAM premises at the Tennis Palace offer a distinct museum experience. HAM is strongly involved in the everyday life of Helsinkians, and together we find new ways of looking at life in Helsinki and beyond. HAM builds international interest in Helsinki. It is the most popular museum in Finland and reaches new audiences. HAM defines what an art museum can be.


  • Courage: We are curious, open-minded and not afraid to take a stand. We want to do things in new ways.
  • Joy: We want to produce joy and meaningfulness. We facilitate encounters and innovations. Everyone is welcome to visit us.
  • Presence: The Art Museum exists for the public. We want to create a good museum experience while listening to our customers. We bring art into citizens’ everyday lives.