Applying for the HAM Gallery

HAM Gallery is a HAM exhibition space focusing on showcasing topical and new contemporary art. The next application period starts in January 2018.

HAM Gallery is located on the museum’s entrance level in the Tennis Palace. The gallery consists of two rooms with a combined floor area of 155m2 (room 1: 84m2 and room 2: 71m2). Admission to the gallery is free.

Here is a list of key things to remember when organising exhibitions in HAM Gallery:
• The exhibition period is 7–8 weeks, hanging and dismantling included.
• The opening ceremony is generally held on the Friday of the first week of the exhibition.
• No rent is charged for use of the gallery.
• Exhibitions in the gallery are not curated by HAM Helsinki Art Museum.
• Responsibility for both hanging and dismantling rests with the artist.
• The museum provides the artist with a limited number of tools, understructures for sculptures or equipment, and audiovisual equipment.
• The artist is responsible for the transportation of artworks.
• The artist is responsible for transportation insurance.
• The museum is in charge of cleaning and supervision of the gallery.
• A digital exhibition invitation is produced by the artist together with the museum and following the museum’s graphic guidelines.
• An exhibition press release is produced by the artist together with the museum.
• Helsinki Art Museum will send out the invitation and press release to its own contact lists.
• The artist is responsible for all arrangements for the opening night of the exhibition. Catering may not be provided on the museum’s premises.
• Textual material for the exhibition (list of works, CV, etc.) shall be produced by the artist.
• Sale of works is the artist’s responsibility. No commission is charged on sales.

The application period is once a year. The exhibition periods are 7–8 weeks. Hanging and dismantling are included in the allotted period.

Applications are made through the electronic system. To the application must be accompanied by an exhibition plan, a CV and possibly other visual reference material.

Contrary to previous years, in 2021 HAM Gallery’s application period for new exhibition and project times will be held in the autumn. Several gallery exhibitions have had to be rescheduled due to the COVID-19 situation while the museum has been closed to the public. As a result, there is only a limited number of exhibition times available for 2022. In response, a special application period is currently being planned. The details of this new application round will be published during the spring. After this, the HAM Gallery will return to its normal application cycle.

Ground plan

Exhibition application