HAM Announces Open Call for Community Art Project

HAM conducts several public art projects in Helsinki every year. We are now exploring new ways to produce public art and are seeking individual artists or teams to participate, along with local residents, in the production of a community art project in the Jakomäki district.

The process is divided into two stages. In the first stage we are searching for community artist-activists who might have an interest in the project. No plan is required at this stage: simply send us a free-form application (motivation letter) and your CV by 13 March 2017. If you wish, you may also include supplementary material with the application.

HAM will invite some of the applicants to an interview. In the second stage HAM will commission plans for a community art project from selected artists/teams. One or two of the proposals will then be chosen for implementation and will be developed further in collaboration with HAM. The museum will pay a fee for the plans created in the second stage and for the selected projects.

It’s raining art in Jakomäki

HAM as an art museum covers the whole of Helsinki, extending its operations to areas whose residents do not necessarily visit the museum in the city centre. HAM’s outreach program for 2016–18 is focusing on the Jakomäki district under the title It’s raining art in Jakomäki. The purpose is to encourage civic engagement and to take high-quality art to places where there is no public art or fine art venues.

Community art projects will be a part of the undertaking. The first phase took place in spring 2016, when museum staff studied the district and its inhabitants and other key players and organized art workshops for Jakomäki residents. Works from the HAM collection will also be deposited in public spaces in Jakomäki.

Starting points and goals

  • – The project will be carried out in Jakomäki in close cooperation with local residents and other players, and under the guidance of HAM team.
  • – Residents must be granted a meaningful role in the project and participation must be a natural aspect of the project.
  • – The form of the work is not predetermined. The key goals are process, event and community, not the creation of an object or exhibition. However, HAM does not preclude an object as being part of the end-result of the process. HAM will select proposal(s) that it deems suitable for the area and capable of being implemented.
  • – HAM will commission the work or works from the selected artist(s) or team(s). HAM also encourages cross-disciplinary teams to participate in the open call.

We expect participants to

  • – Have the capacity for collaboration and an interest in working with local residents and other key players.
  • – Be committed to the implementation of the project.
  • – Document the project autonomously and to plan the documentation in collaboration with HAM.
  • – Participate, with HAM, in the assessment of the project after its completion.
  • – Have prior experience in similar projects.


  • – Free-form application (motivation letter), max. one A4 page
  • – CV
  • – Supplementary material (optional), one–three A4 pages
  • – Please submit your application in PDF format by email to helsinki.kirjaamo@hel.fi under the heading “Jakomäki”. Please include in the heading docket number HEL 2017–000868. size of message 2MB.


  • – The application period will close on 13 March 2017.
  • – HAM will invite selected applicants for an interview in April 2017.
  • – Based on the interviews, HAM will select the artist(s) or team(s) from whom it will commission a plan for a community art project.
  • – After studying the plans, HAM may select one or two for implementation.
  • – HAM will organise an orientation day in May 2017 for the authors of the projects selected for implementation. We expect all team members to attend the orientation event.
  • – The project will be launched during summer 2017 and will be carried out by the end of spring 2018.


Satu Oksanen, curator, satu.oksanen@hel.fi
Nanne Raivio, curator of education, nanne.raivio@hel.fi