Kalasatama art competition

The City of Helsinki organised a general, two-stage art competition for artists, the aim of which was to seek proposals for works of art to be placed in Kalasatama.

The aim of the competition was to find works of art that can be installed in the new Kalasatama residential area between 2016 and 2023. Preconstruction of the area is in progress and construction of the first apartments will begin at the end of 2016.

The works of art will be displayed in three locations in Sompasaari and one in Sörnäistenniemi. The locations in Sompasaari are Loviseholminpuisto park, Vinsentinaukio square by Nihdinkanava canal and Aallonhalkojanaukio square at the end of a street that will be called Aallonhalkoja. In Sörnäistenniemi the work of art will be located in Capellanaukio square.

The art competition rules of the Artists’ Association of Finland were be observed in the Kalasatama art competition.

Jury and organisers

The competition was organised by the City of Helsinki Executive Office, the Helsinki City Planning Department, the City of Helsinki Public Works Department and HAM.

The jury of the Kalasatama art competition:
Maija Tanninen-Mattila, Museum Director, HAM, Chair
Hannu Asikainen, Project Manager, City of Helsinki Executive Office
Tuomas Hakala, Head of Project, Helsinki City Planning Department
Tomas Palmgren, Project Manager, City of Helsinki Public Works Department
Jari Björklöv, Curator, HAM
Maija Helasvuo, Sculptor
Heimo Suntio, Sculptor
Jani Ruscica, Visual Artist


Competition material available only in Finnish and in Swedish.