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HAM as a regional art museum

There are 16 regional art museums in Finland that promote and direct the operation of art museums and develop museum cooperation in their regions. HAM serves as the regional art museum of Uusimaa, organising seminars, meetings, training and information events for the region’s art museums and providing expert help related to its field of operation.

At the national level, HAM specialises in questions related to the acquisition and maintenance of public art, the attainment and participation of audiences as well as international cooperation.

The regional art museums of Finland

Art loans

HAM’s registrar’s are responsible for all lending of artworks belonging to HAM’s collections Please contact them if you have any questions related to loan requests and contracts.

Personnel contact details

Image loans

HAM’s image archive primarily serves the media, researchers and other museums. The image archive offers images and information of the artworks and public sculptures included in HAM’s collections as well as their usage rights and prices.

Inquiries: kuva-arkisto.taimu(at)