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HAM corner

Focal Point

20.11.2018 9:05

Mark Niskanen and Jani-Matti Salo: Focal Point  Focal Point is a three-minute installation by Mark Niskanen and Jani-Matti Salo. Consisting of light, sound and variable temperature, it is designed to give the viewer an impression of travelling towards the Sun. The installation is designed to be experienced alone. The viewer sits in a chair and …

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Visible Invisibility

11.10.2018 9:39

Visible Invisibility invites visitors to dive into vivid and hidden forms of urban youth subcultures in Saint Petersburg and in Helsinki. The exhibition foregrounds the creative struggles for the right to belong to urban space and asks who has the right to the space. The exhibition asks the question: on which terms is it possible for art and research to depict subcultural meanings?

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Art School Maa launches HAM Corner’s autumn season

6.9.2018 8:48

For one month, HAM Corner at Tennis Palace will be used as a classroom by Art School Maa. Visitors will also have a chance to participate in the lessons.

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Trash Is Luxury

12.1.2018 16:17

Timo P. Vartiainen’s Trash Is Luxury is a series of archaeological expeditions into the world of trash found in residential dumpsters in and around Helsinki.

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