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Maiju Hukkanen: Days following the rhythm of daydreams

15.12.2021 10:41

These pictures are observations of two separate but intertwined lives. Of two kinds of loneliness and longing for closeness. Of days following the rhythm of daydreams. An animal and a human being. One forced to stay inside their limited environment and the other one choosing to do so. My drawings show an animal in the …

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Elis Hannikainen and Vappu Jalonen: Distress Run

18.11.2021 9:14

The exercising bodies in Distress Run are awkward and in need of support. Distress Run consists of a video work, text installations, sculptural objects, sound, and light. Distress Run repeatedly situates exercising bodies, placing them within desires, norms, the matter of a body.

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Felipe de Ávila Franco: How to Postpone the End

20.9.2021 13:11

Are we really a ‘humanity’? How can we justify calling ourselves a humanity when 70% of us are totally alienated from even the minimal exercise of being when the majority of us are denied any real agency because the world we are living in does not want or require our input, only our custom? (Ailton …

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Laura Wesamaa: au hasard Pegaso

3.8.2021 11:26

i am a constellation and certain stars in the sky. it is said that my hooves hitting the ground give birth to springs that i sprang out of medusa’s neck that i carry lightning bolts for zeus that goddess aurora rides me from time to time or that i helped perseus and once bolted and …

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