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HAM gallery

Niklas Ingelius: Nexus in Commotion

3.6.2022 12:22

Niklas Ingelius (born 1992), who holds a Master of Fine Arts degree, is an artist living in Helsinki. In his work he focuses on the long-term painting process, in which translucent painted surfaces repeating each other create optically and organically moving areas as the work progresses.

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Lora Dimova & Leda Vaneva: Hybrid Existence

12.4.2022 14:00

Hybrid Existence explores the human self as a fluid construct, an expression beyond the parameters of the physical body.

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Harriina Räinä: The Other as Matter

11.2.2022 13:28

The exhibition explores the significance of material of animal origin in the process and end results of the Mokuhanga technique, or watercolour woodblock printing.

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Maiju Hukkanen: Days following the rhythm of daydreams

15.12.2021 10:41

These pictures are observations of two separate but intertwined lives. Of two kinds of loneliness and longing for closeness. Of days following the rhythm of daydreams. An animal and a human being. One forced to stay inside their limited environment and the other one choosing to do so. My drawings show an animal in the …

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