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HAM gallery

Inka Bell: Passage

12.11.2020 13:21

The works in the exhibition are multidimensional studies of coloured surfaces clashing and the various ways in which they are organised.

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Dylan Ray Arnold & Océane Bruel: The Slow Business of Going,

23.9.2020 9:59

The sculptural collaboration of Dylan and Océane connects to states of excitement and weariness.

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Hemmo Siponen: Causers

28.7.2020 12:22

The works in the exhibition are frozen in positions where change has ceased to flow, and as such they cause indeterminacies that take place elsewhere. 

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Enni Suominen: Mortarium

2.3.2020 10:50

The installation by Enni Suominen centres around small fresco paintings.

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