Open call for portfolios: Art in Public Realm

Let us know what public art could be. What interests you in public realm as an artist? The meanings and signs of a place? Taking over urban spaces or interventions in built everyday environments? Drawing the lines between the public, the shared and the private? Is your approach primarily aesthetic? Does your artistic practice extend to the social, cultural, ecological, financial or political issues related to public space? To gestures in the public sphere?

HAM Helsinki Art Museum is launching an open call for portfolios, the aim of which is to map Finland-based professional artists and artistic working groups interested in public space. The open call is not tied to any pre-defined project.

Art in public space has a special relationship with temporality and experiencers, participants and co-existing communities.  The permanence and temporary quality can vary depending on the art work’s life span and form. It can be research-based or otherwise process-like, conceptual, performative and socially engaged, among other things. It can give meaning to public space, provoke a discussion, comment, mark, carnivalise, challenge and confound.

Submit your portfolio with CV and a free-form description of the relationship between your artistic work and public sphere (max. one A4) in PDF format via e-mail to The submission deadline is 31 August 2020. The maximum message size is 8 MB. The open call is not tied to any pre-determined project or follow-up measures. As such, there is no information available on the timetable or number of potential follow-up measures. HAM will not provide feedback on or return submitted portfolios. None of the information submitted in the application will be handed over to third parties. Portfolios received will be handled only by the staff at HAM public art unit and stored at HAM’s public art unit. We will provide you with the data file in English on request.

HAM commissions works of art for public spaces and serves as an art expert on the City of Helsinki’s public construction projects that follow the percentage financing principle, such as libraries, schools and daycare centres.