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Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8, 00100 Helsinki

HAM Tennis Palace is located in the Helsinki city centre right next to Kamppi Shopping Centre. You can easily reach us from anywhere in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area using public transport. Check the Journey Planner for the optimal public transport options.


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  • Regular admission 10 €
    Reduced admission 8 €
  • Under 18 years  0 €
  • HAM Gallery and the admission free exhibitions 0 €
  • Finnish Museums Association’s museum card  0 €
  • You can purchase the museum card from us  64,90 € (1.1.2018 onwards 68,00 €)

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At HAM you can always visit some of our exhibitions free of charge!


Guided tours and workshops

The guided tours held on Saturdays are open to all visitors for the price of the admission ticket.

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HAM’s ticket counter and entrance are located on the second floor of Tennis Palace, which is accessible using lifts located in the vicinity of all the exits. On the Eteläinen rautatienkatu end there is an escalator leading directly to the museum ticket counter. The exhibition facilities are located on two floors. Lift access to the upper exhibition floor (3rd floor) is locate in the inner lobby of the museum.


For schools and kindergartens

HAM offers affordable guided tours for comprehensive school, upper secondary school and vocational school pupils. We recommend reserving guided tours at least two weeks in advance.

Guided tours and art workshop for school children

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Public sculptures

You can also experience HAM outside of Tennis Palace, as Helsinki features nearly 500 outdoor sculptures, pieces of environmental art and historical monuments that are accessible to everyone.

Search for a sculpture by name

Search for a sculpture by its name or part of its name. You can also search for sculpturesusing the artist’s name.

Search the sculptures as a list

You can search for sculptures according to the year of unveiling, the name of the work or the sculptor’s name.

Sculptures as a list

Follow the sculpture trails

Take a trip to see some sculptures using these special trails. You can walk, run or go on a picnic, for example.

The sculpture trails
3,500 Works of art around Helsinki
450 Sculptures accessible day and night

The sculpture bank contains information on a total of 500 sculptures located in Helsinki. In addition to basic information (the title of the work, the name of the artist, year of reveal, location), the bank includes background information on the works as well their location on the map. Some of the sculptures are composed of multiple parts. In such cases only the location of one of the parts is marked on the map.

Approximately 250 of the sculptures located in the parks, streets and plazas of Helsinki are part of HAM’s own collection. In addition to these, there are a number of works owned by companies, government agencies and private parties displayed in Helsinki’s public places, such as in the yards of buildings. Information about these works is also available in the sculpture bank even though they are not part of HAM’s collection.

HAM takes care of all the sculptures owned by the city so that they would be preserved as long as possible for future generations. We strive to repair and clean sculptures as quickly as possible in cooperation with the Public Works and Real Estate Departments.

Et voi käyttää kuvaa kaupallisiin tarkoituksiin. © Kuva: Helsingin taidemuseo | You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum

Share us your sculpture memory

HAM collects stories that involve public sculptures. The memories will be published on Sculpture Memory site and on the pages of the individual sculptures. Some of them may even be included on the public art map or become part of a guided tour.

Share your memory

Teosta korjataan © HAM

Please let us know of any damage or supplementary information

You can also help take care of the city’s sculptures by sending us feedback if you notice that your favourite sculpture has been damaged or defaced.

Give us feedback about our sculptures


How and why is public art acquired?

All residents of Helsinki have an equal right to live in a high-quality environment, and HAM strives in part to safeguard this right by placing works of art equally in different parts of the city and in new residential areas that do not yet have any public art on display.

There are a total of over 400 outdoor sculptures, works of environmental art and historical monuments in Helsinki. Approximately 250 of these are part of HAM’s collection and located in the city’s parks, roads and plazas. In addition to these, the city’s public spaces feature works of art owned by and located on properties owned by public enterprises, companies, the state and private individuals. The city’s monuments are maintained by the Helsinki Art Museum.

Public sculptures contribute to an interesting and beautiful urban environment.

HAM acquires new works of art for street areas and parks annually, and occasionally for indoor areas as well. The aim is to bring notable contemporary art on display and elevate the quality and value of the built environment and public spaces. In addition to this, HAM strives to make the city a more pleasant place for its residents and increase people’s interest and commitment to their own living environments.

The planning of new public works of art is always based on location, which defines many of a work’s characteristics, such as its size and nature. Pieces of public art are often designed specifically for their location, with the artist incorporating the location, its history or other characteristics of the environment into their work. However, the Art Museum may also acquire existing works of public art, which are then placed in appropriate locations.

A public art project may also be based on the initiative of a community or other city department. A public piece of art can also be created as a result of an open or invitational competition. Additionally, public works of art are received as donations. In such cases HAM is involved in the realisation of the work and choosing a location for it. Donated works are added to the Art Museum’s collection. The Art Museum is responsible for the condition and maintenance of public works of art as well as their registration.

Havainnekuva Kalasatamasta

New art works through competitions

A public piece of art can be created as a result of an open or invitational competition. HAM organises a number of competitions, in addition to serving as an expert in competitions organised by others.

Ongoing competition

Kaarina Kaikkonen © HAM / Hanna Kukorelli

The percentage financing principle

HAM also serves as an expert in the art acquisitions of the City of Helsinki’s public construction projects (so-called percentage financing projects).

What is this?


Collection policy programme

Collection policy details how accessioning, recording, storage and displaying as well as conservation and research are organised at the museum.

Read more about the collection policy