Andrea Coyotzi Borja: Is that all there is? © Google bank of images

There was no thought, but a thrive for the visibility of something yet to be named

In this video installation “There was no thought, but a thrive for the visibility of something yet to be named” the artist approaches her every day through a series of chosen images which refer to gestures for unspoken intentions. The images are selected from different sources and mediums: artworks such as “Fall” from Jan Bas Ader, and “Leap into the void by Yves Klein; films such as “Steamboat Bill Jr.” by Chas F. Reisner and Buster Keaton, and a still from “Au revoir les enfants” directed by Louis Malle. A watercolour painting made by Patricia Borja Osorio of the photograph of Duntroon Castle by Simon Marsden, a Black and White photograph by Truan Munro (Photographer based in London), and a collection of images from Google Images of houses on fire.

The artist keeps a close relation to all these images by keeping them visible in her studio. She continues her every day, and the images pop every time on the corner of her eye creating a constant reminder of that which seems to sepeack to her in each image, but which she is unable to name or pinpoint in the form of a definition. It is then, after these images have lingered on the wall that a gesture within them conforms a narrative text which becomes a dialogue. The voice that speaks over the video is conveying an experience that lingers in the personal relationship between the artist and those images which attempt to make something visible. They thrive for the visibility of something yet to be named.

Andrea Coyotzi Borja (b. 1984, Puebla) is an artist based in Helsinki. Her artistic practice focuses on the subject of the quotidian and its relationship to the artistic event. This developed to her current research on ‘The practice of the Infra-ordinary’ in her Doctoral studies at Aalto University. Her artwork has been exhibited in different countries such as Mexico, United States, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Spain, Bulgaria, and Finland. She participated in the 2nd Research Pavilion in Venice 2017.