HAM looks after an art collection that belongs to all residents of Helsinki, consisting of 9,000 works of art spreading out from Tennis Palace to every corner of the city. HAM wants to bring joy and boldness to the city.

The HAM Collection includes over 9,000 works, of which about 3,500 are found the city’s in public spaces, both indoors and outside. The most visible part of the collection are the public sculptures located in the streets, squares and parks of the city. Art is present in the everyday lives of the people of Helsinki. It is everywhere that local residents, visitors, tourists and city employees find themselves in their daily life. The aim is for art to have an equal presence in all parts of the city.

Public art creates topics discussions and meeting places, while contributing to an interesting and beautiful urban environment.

HAM is a city-wide art museum

The collection is displayed not only in the city’s public spaces, but in HAM’s own exhibitions as well. Works are also loaned out to other exhibition organisers to be displayed in Finnish and international exhibitions.

The majority of the collection consists of Finnish art from the 20th and 21st centuries, but it also includes some older Finnish masterpieces as well as international art. From the very beginning, HAM has been investing in young and creative artists who contribute to the creation of new art history.

The collection consists of several individual donated collections as well as the city’s own acquisitions. The core of the collection is formed by the Bäcksbacka Collection, which was donated to the city in 1976.