Upcoming exhibitions

Our upcoming exhibitions in short.


In 2020, the Helsinki Art Museum’s exhibition programme is closely tied to the first ever Helsinki Biennial, which will be held on Vallisaari Island in the summer and early autumn. The content of the Biennial will be complemented by two HAM main exhibitions in the arched halls of the upper floor of Tennispalatsi: Laura Gustafsson and Terike Haapoja’s Museum of Becoming, which opens in the spring, and Katharina Grosse’s solo exhibition, which is the highlight of the latter half of the year and continues HAM’s exhibition series showcasing contemporary international artists. Grosse’s exhibition consists of two installations created for HAM, one of which the artist will be painting on-site. The impressive exhibition will allow visitors to literally step inside a painting.

HAM’s programme for 2020 also offers a broad showcase of Helsinki’s very own art collection. Gustafsson&Haapoja’s humanity-challenging exhibition will include both Museum of Nonhumanity video installation, which is part of HAM’s collection, and the artist duo’s new work, a collection intervention. Works from HAM’s collection will also be prominently featured in the exhibition of the works of visual artists who lived in the Lallukka Artists’ Home in Töölö, curated by Marja Lahelma. The collection also has a major role in the exhibition showcasing the works of Vilho Lampi, organised in collaboration with the Oulu Museum of Art and centred around the beloved painting View of Liminka, which is part of the Bäcksbacka Collection. Finally, the exhibition of Perttu Saksa’s photographs depicting the tools used by sculptor Laila Pullinen and other items found in her studio also has a clear connection to HAM’s collection, seeing as the collection includes a number of Pullinen’s miniature sculptures, quite possibly created using the very same tools.

In addition to the aforementioned exhibitions, new works from seven Finnish and international artists will be displayed in the HAM Gallery.

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