Upcoming exhibitions

Our upcoming exhibitions in short.


HAM is proud to present the first-ever solo exhibition in the Nordic region of Polish artist Paweł Althamer (b. 1967) in spring 2019. The audience will come face to face with the artist in startling self-portraits, collectively created sculptures and video documentation. One half of the exhibition consists of a white space of silence where Althamer invites the audience to take a journey into their own inner self.

The year 2019 will mark the passage of 150 years from the birth of Ellen Thesleff. Ellen Thesleff (1869–1954) was a radical with a boyish haircut who did what she wanted and lived for her art. The exhibition at HAM will highlight Thesleff’s trailblazing and evolving art alongside texts, photographs and archive materials about her life.

The year will also feature displays based on the museum’s collections on themes such as old age and gender roles. HAM Gallery will continue to present topical contemporary art.

Changes are possible.