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Public art

HAM extends beyond Tennis Palace. Nearly 500 sculptures, environmental artworks and historical monuments are found in the greater Helsinki area. About 200 artworks produced under the Percent for Art programme are located in schools, day-care centres, health centres and libraries.

3,500 Works of art around Helsinki
480 Sculptures accessible day and night

The sculpture bank contains information on a total of 480 sculptures located in Helsinki. In addition to basic information (the title of the work, the name of the artist, year of reveal, location), the bank includes background information on the works as well their location on the map. Some of the sculptures are composed of multiple parts. In such cases only the location of one of the parts is marked on the map.


HAM's collection

Approximately 250 of the sculptures located in the parks, streets and plazas of Helsinki are part of HAM’s own collection. In addition to these, there are a number of works owned by companies, government agencies and private parties displayed in Helsinki’s public places, such as in the yards of buildings. Information about these works is also available in the sculpture bank even though they are not part of HAM’s collection.

Villu Jaanisoo: Kuukkeli © Photo: HAM / Hanna Kukorelli

How and why is public art acquired?

All residents of Helsinki have an equal right to live in a high-quality environment, and HAM strives in part to safeguard this right by placing works of art equally in different parts of the city and in new residential areas that do not yet have any public art on display.

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Timo Vaittinen: LXD, 2017 © Photo: HAM / Maija Toivanen

HAM preserves

HAM takes care of all the sculptures owned by the city so that they would be preserved as long as possible for future generations. We strive to repair and clean sculptures as quickly as possible in cooperation with the Public Works and Real Estate Departments.

Matti Kalkamo: Kehon rakennus & purku Oy, 2005 © Photo: HAM / Maija Toivanen

Please let us know of any damage or supplementary information

You can also help take care of the city’s sculptures by sending us feedback if you notice that your favourite sculpture has been damaged or defaced.

Give us feedback about our sculptures

Antti Laitinen: Armour, 2016 © Photo: HAM / Maija Toivanen

Share us your sculpture memory

HAM collects stories that involve public sculptures. The memories will be published on Sculpture Memory site and on the pages of the individual sculptures. Some of them may even be included on the public art map or become part of a guided tour.

Share your memory

Pekka Kauhanen: Talvisodan kansallinen muistomerkki, 2017 © Kuvasto. Photo: HAM / Maija Toivanen