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Collection services

Image requests

Requests for high-quality images of the artworks can be sent by email to Please provide the title of the work of which you require an image and the image’s intended use. Information about the contracting party for the request is also required.

As a rule, use of images is subject to a charge.  Commercial use is always subject to a charge. In connection with art loans, the borrower has free access to related images for PR purposes and for an exhibition publication.

Please note that the user of an image or images is always responsible for copyright clearances and for paying related royalties.

Emma Helle: Tyttö Joka Muuttui Ruusupensaaksi/Flickan som förvandlades till en rosenbuske/ The Girl who Turned Into a Rosebush, 2018. © HAM/Hanna Kukorelli

Depositing artworks in the City of Helsinki’s facilities

HAM Helsinki Art Museum deposits artworks from the City of Helsinki’s art collection in the city’s facilities. Works can be borrowed and placed in public spaces, such as schools, health centres, youth centres and libraries. We are happy to see artworks in entrance halls and staff rooms, where they can delight as many people as possible.

Depositing is an important part of the HAM Collections Unit’s work. Depositing provides HAM exposure outside its exhibition facilities and makes artworks more accessible. Depositing also promotes the collection’s works and reaches people who do not frequent museums or encounter art in their everyday lives. Art can be controversial and, as such, is also a conversation piece. When the artworks are selected based on the client’s preferences, they can also increase well-being in an everyday work environment.


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Curator Leena Mattelmäki:

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Loans from the collections

HAM Helsinki Art Museum loans out artwork from the City of Helsinki’s art collection to other exhibition organisers and museums. The borrowing organisation must have museum-professional staff and facilities that are properly monitored and that comply with fire and other safety and security regulations. The facilities’ ambient conditions must also be controlled. Loan decisions prioritise HAM’s exhibitions and the works’ condition and maintenance.

A domestic loan request for fewer than five artworks must be submitted no later than four months before the intended loan period. Requests for five or more artworks and international loan requests must be submitted no later than nine months before the intended loan period.

A loan request must describe the exhibition’s content and specify its dates and location and the requested artworks. Information about the conditions in the exhibition space are also required. Please send your loan request to the museum director and the collection registrar by email. The registrar answers enquiries about loan requests and artworks.

From 1.9.2024, the loan fee for domestic loans will be EUR 150 per artwork and for international loans EUR 300 per artwork.

Henna Aho: HA0406A, 2022. © HAM/Kirsi Halkola

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Head of Collections Elina Leskelä,

Registrar Anna Pöppönen,

General loan terms

Expert services

We are happy to answer all enquiries about the City of Helsinki’s art collections. HAM also serves as the museum with regional responsibility for the Uusimaa region.

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