Sheet No4 is an experimental moving image work that uses repetition and reinterpretation to both construct and deconstruct the image and its boundaries.

For Pelkki, the framing and outlines of the photographic image also signify skin, the outlines of the human being and the treshold between the exterior and the interior.

The title of the show is an allusion to contact sheets. A contact sheet containing all the frames of a roll of film is used to sketch out choices and make notes.

One of the starting points of the work is the dialogue between Pelkki and various artists and the interaction and diverse interpretations embodied in those exchanges. The contributions come from multidisciplinary artists Emma Hammarén, Johan Jonason, Magnús Logi Kristinsson and Keiko Yamamoto, as well as cinematographer Pietari Peltola and sound designer Anne Tolkkinen.

The exhibition consists of an installation of photographs and moving images spanning two spaces in HAM Gallery.

The production of Sheet No4 was supported by the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK/Tuuli Penttinen-Lampisuo, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and VISEK Centre for the Promotion of Visual Art.