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Emma Helle`s workshop

17:00 - 19:00

Transformations and centaurs

If you could transform into a plant or animal, what would it look like? In this workshop led by sculptor Emma Helle, we will create transforming creatures with playdough. We will draw inspiration from ancient myths and mythology and the transformations of humans, animals, or plants.

Sculptor Emma Helle’s (born 1979) ceramic sculptures portray transitional forms of humans and plants. In her lush and colourful works, the figures blend together and into their surroundings.

Price 35 €

Sign up for the workshops online at HAM shop.

  • Duration 2 hours.
  • Maximum number of participants 16.
  • Language Finnish.
  • The workshops are directed at adults and young people ages 16 and up. No earlier experience is required.
  • Price do not include the admission fee.