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Erik Creutziger`s workshop

17:00 - 19:00

Distant landscapes painting workshop

In this workshop, you will paint a landscape of your dreams under the guidance of visual artist Erik Creutziger. Imagine a place you long for or would like to travel to. When painting, you will learn to pay attention to the landscape’s atmosphere, light, and colour scheme. Watercolours and acrylic paints will be used for painting.

Visual artist Erik Creutziger (born 1982) paints moments captured from memory – flashes from travels or walks. He finds it inspiring to mix real-life experiences with the fantasy world. Creutziger is fascinated by longing for another reality, dreaming of distant places, and leading a solitary life. In his opinion, the search for colours and forms, the struggle, and even a kind of incompleteness are allowed to be visible in artworks.

Price 35 €

Sign up for the workshops online at HAM shop.

  • Duration 2 hours.
  • Maximum number of participants 16.
  • Language Finnish.
  • The workshops are directed at adults and young people ages 16 and up. No earlier experience is required.
  • Price do not include the admission fee.