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Haegue Yang screening: Doubles and Halves

11:30 - 19:00

Haegue yang: Doubles and Halves – Events with Nameless Neighbors, 2009
Single channel DV-PAL, colour, sound, 77’20”, filmed in Seoul and Venice; audio piece, voice-over: Sarah Roberts (English), 21’55”

During Haegue Yang’s exhibition, a series of her video works from 2004 to 2009 can be viewed at HAM. The screenings of these works take place over two days and run continuously during the museum’s opening hours in the HAM hall.

Doubles and Halves (2009) was first shown in Yang’s solo presentation for the Korean Pavilion at the 2009 Venice Biennale. This video essay was filmed in two distinct locations: Ahyeon-dong, a neighbourhood in Seoul where the artist was then living, and Venice, more specifically the hidden spaces around the Korean Pavilion in Giardini Park, the site of the annual international art or architecture biennale. While half of Ahyeon-dong was in the process of leaving due to new developments, unfolding a spooky state between total emptiness and the normal mode of inhabitation, the corners around the Korean Pavilion in Giardini Park showed off their full off-seasonal melancholy. Yet each place resembles the other since both were shot with insufficient light, either at sunset or sunrise. Because the audio track and the video with its own ambient sound differ in length, they loop unsynchronised and their combination varies. The places shown in the video and the people described by the voice pass by one another endlessly, continuing to meet only furtively and without explanation.

Haegue Yang, Doubles and Halves – Events with Nameless Neighbors, 2009, sound: 77’20”, audio: 21’55”

Participation is included in the entrance ticket price, no pre-registration required.

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