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Henry Moore: Atom Piece, 1964. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum

Atomiteos / Atom Piece

Artist Henry Moore

, Helsinki

‘Atomic Work’ is a bronze casting from a series of six works. Henry Moore produced the work as a study for the large work ‘Nuclear Energy’, located on the Chicago University campus.
The predecessors of the theme are helmet-like works. The first variation of which was created by Moore under the threat of bombardment during the Second World War.

‘Atomic’ work can be interpreted as a helmet, or a skull, or even a mushroom-like formation. It is a concentration of power and threat, without giving an impression of movement and expansion. Moore considered sculpturing as a static expression of themes and forms.

The work belongs to the collections of the Didrichsen Art Museum.

See also ‘Reclining Figure on a Pedastal’.

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