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Jussi TwoSeven: Bubo-bubo © HAM / Hanna Kukorelli

Bubo Bubo

© Artist

Vislauskuja 9, Helsinki

Artist Jussi TwoSeven’s Bubo bubo was completed in East Pasila in the end of October 2015. It is placed in the concrete structure supporting Vislauskuja, an overpass that crosses over the Ratamestarinkuja street. It consists of two paintings and has already received abundant praise from people.
“You can make the city more beautiful and alive and at the same time give it depth and meaning. I think Bubo bubo is a great guardian of the grim streets of Pasila. It is also a reminder that there are European eagle-owls living in the same neighbourhood with us.” -Jussi TwoSeven

The work of art belongs to the collection of HAM Helsinki Art Museum.

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