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Eila Hiltunen: Crescendo, 1982. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum


Artist Eila Hiltunen

, Helsinki

When you visit Didrichsen Art Museum Eila Hiltunen’s ‘Crescendo’ flame greets you and brightens up the surrounding forecourt gardens. The abundance of the sculpture’s form spreads freely and echoes the surrounding vegetation.

Eila Hiltunen is also the creator of the Sibelius Monument and is one of Finland’s best known sculptors. Her works have been researched by Erik Kruskopf, who examined how Hiltunen’s works combine completely abstract and figurative styless with a tendency that could be considered abstract – but which is founded on the figurativeness of the theme, for instance in ‘Play of Life’ 1972. A similar theme of growth is visible in her later works, i.e. ‘Palm Leaf’ 1975 or ‘Polyfonia’ 1985, which is cast, but gives the impression of being constructed.

‘Crescendo’ also embodies the same visual language, in which “Forms of nature are in a symbiosis with technical methods. The result is a symbol, a picture, that looks natural because it is made in a language that has been refined until it has adopted a natural way of growing.”

The material is acid-proof steel and measures 321 x 240cm. The work belongs to the collections of the Didrichsen Art Museum.

See also ‘Sibelius Monument’, ‘Kuparikonstruktio’ (Copper Construction) and ‘Auringonkukkapelto’ (Sunflower Field).

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