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Björn Weckström: The Fazer Rooster, 1991. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum / Maija Toivanen

The Fazer Rooster

Artist Björn Weckström

Kluuvikatu 3, Kluuvi, Helsinki

The Fazer Group donated The Fazer Rooster to the City of Helsinki as a part of its 100th anniversary celebrations. The Rooster is located in front of Fazer’s famous café on Kluuvikatu. It was unveiled on September 17, 1991. The bronze sculpture is a stylized Fazer symbol, a rooster. In fact, it is so stylized that it invites the viewer to see other forms – someone has suggested that Weckström used a cervical vertebra of an elk as a model.

The work belongs to the collection of the City of Helsinki, managed by HAM Helsinki Art Museum.

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