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Anna-Kaisa Ant-Wuorinen: Fugue, 2008. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum / Yehia Eweis

Fuuga / Fugue

Artist Anna-Kaisa Ant-Wuorinen

Sandelsinkatu 3, Sandels-house, Topeliuksenkatu 2, Töölö, Helsinki

Anna-Kaisa Ant-Wuorinen’s work Fuuga (transl. Fugue: an imitative polyphonic composition) complements the Sandel’s house belltower designed by Juha Leiviskä. The work was realised from bristles of rust-free steel tubes, whose surfaces are partially polished and glossy. The work, made from vertical steel rods from the front, back, above and below give the illusion of equally-sized cubed forms. When one looks at the work from different angles, its form divides into different sizes and forms of cubes. The work is 6m high and 1.5 m deep.

Fugue is a collaboration artwork of architecture and engineering; the dimensions of the work and bell tower were made in accordance. The function of the work is not only to act as an art work but also to support the bell tower’s walls. The work’s materials and forms are reminiscent of the artist’s other work realised in the exterior area of a stairway in the proximity of the belltower. The work was inaugurated in November 2007.

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