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Tatzu Nishi: Hotel Manta of Helsinki, 15.8.-12.10.2014. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum

Hotel Manta of Helsinki

© Artist

Tatzu Nishi’s Hotel Manta of Helsinki was a hotel room in the central Market Square, built around the statue of Havis Amanda sculpted by Ville Vallgren. At night, the work functioned as a hotel room, during the day it was a public exhibition space. It was open for public 15.8.-12.10.2014.

Tatzu Nishi’s work creates a new context for the statue, and gives the audience a new perspective on one of the most beloved sculptures in Helsinki.

Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi (b. 1960) creates public art projects around the world. He invites us to see the familiar urban environment with new eyes. Nishi transforms our experience of the city by constructing domestic spaces around large public monuments or parts of buildings. Residing in the urban space, the works challenge conventional ways of experiencing the public space, and also open up new perspectives on public artworks. Hotel Manta of Helsinki was Tatzu Nishi’s first work in the Nordic countries.

Hotel Manta of Helsinki was produced by the HAM Helsinki Art Museum and it was part of the Helsinki Festival programme. The project partners were Design Museum, Museum of Finnish Architecture, Arte, Restel and Vallila Interior.

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