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You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum

Ratsuhevosen muistomerkki / Memorial to a saddle horse

Artist Tuntematon/Okänd/Unknown

Juorumäki, Puotila, Vartiokylä, Helsinki

The work suffered from vandalism in Spring 2021 and was removed for conservation work.

Little is known of this pile of stones in Helsinki. It is probable that it was intended as a memorial to a saddle horse but it is not known whether a horse has actually been buried beneath it. Its pedestal is a pile of natural stones, on top of which is a platform cut from black granite. An urn-like bowl used to be set on the platform but it has disappeared. The platform contains the text:” 9. Juni 1862″ (June 9, 1862). The memorial is connected with the Puotila mansion.

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