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Outi Leinonen: To Take Flight, 2000. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum / Hanna Rikkonen

To Take Flight

Artist Outi Leinonen

Pohjolankatu 45, Helsinki

To Take Flight in the Swedish-language Kottby Primary School employs a natural motif dear to the artist, Outi Leinonen (b. 1950, Helsinki). The components, large ceramic pine seeds, are composed in 2 groups on the school façade. One group is made up of 4, the other of 15 seeds. The motif is repeated in the interior, where seeds of varying sizes are mounted on the stairwell walls. Leinonen says she thought of the school as a large pine cone whose pupils – single-winged seeds – are knocked loose to fly out into the world.

The work was produced under the Percent for Art programme, and it belongs to the collection of the City of Helsinki, managed by HAM Helsinki Art Museum.

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